New Survival Skills

Every Day Carry Bag List

This is our up to date list of things that must be in your E.D.C. or Every Day Carry. You may find that you can carry less than what is listed but you may find yourself in need of whatever you leave out in a survival situation so it is best to already have it packed in.

1.Pocket Knife, Swiss Army type is best.

2. Multi tool (Gerber or S.O.G are the best)

3. Quality Map Compass and Map of your area                                                                          

4. LED Flashlight & spare batteries

5. First Aid Kit (see our page on kits)

6. Water Purification Tabs (see our page on water purification)                                             

7. Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter                                                                                            

8. Collapsible water container and 3 ft. of poly tube                                                                        

9. Bandanna

10. 50 ft.  Length of 550 Para-cord (minimum)

11. Fire Lighting tool's (1 ea. Pack of water proof Matches and Magnesium Fire Starter)

12. Gloves and a dust mask

13. Prescription and nonprescription medicines.

14. Keys 

15. Micro AM/ FM radio with batteries

16. Hat

17. Glow Sticks (at least 2)

18. Gu Gel or Power Bar Gel

19. Fold able Stove (this is the stove we use) 

20. Metal spoon 

21. Fishing Kit (see our page on kits)

22. Snares

23. Metal cup (Military issue is the best) and should be filled with survival gear and or food stuffs.

24. Signaling mirror

25. Signaling Whistle

26. Snake bit kit

27. Space Bag or space blanket

The list above is what we carry daily in our E.D.C.'s and so should you!

I also carry a small Bible and a couple photos of my loved ones in my kit for the survival of my spirit during rough times.