New Survival Skills

Fire Skills

How Do I make and keep a Fire?

Making and keeping a fire is not a hard task if you have the right tools and skills to do so. Fire in a survival situation falls into the category of a basic need. We need fire for so many reasons in a survival situation, We use fire to cook our food, purify our water, give us warmth and security and also to signal for help to those who will be looking for us if we are in a true survival situation. 

Most people in the world can start a fire with a lighter, getting primitive and using a bow drill, hand drill, fire thong, fire saw or fire piston takes a lot of skill and practice to master and lets face it, when you find yourself in need, that is not the time to try any of the following for the first time thinking you saw someone do it on t.v. so just how hard can it be. All of the primitive fire skills are very hard to master, because truth be told if they were not we would still be using them today rather than matches and lighters! 


So lets focus first on the basics of using current tools and work our way back to the primitive ones. N.S.S. instructors are capable of using all forms of primitive fire starting skill, yet every single one of them does not go into the wild without at least two types of modern tools for starting fire.   



 We will be posting more info here soon on primitive and well as modern fire skills tools.