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 We are pleased to announce that we are now field testing some of the outdoor and survival gear that is out there on the market today.

We will go through the pro's and con's of the tools, gear and foods that we will be testing.

We will let you know who we feel makes the best gear that you may have to trust your life to. We will inform you of where you can buy the top gear that makes it through our testing.

We will post our testing info and photos of the products later in the week on this page.


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First Aid Kits Total Resources International 250-Piece Outdoor First Aid Kit in EVA Case. This is the kit that is carried in our packs while we are out in the woods. We very highly recommend this kit  for all of your basic Outdoor adventures.









Total Resources International

 First Aid Kits Total Resources International 130-Piece Outdoor First Aid Kit in EVA CaseYou can find this and many more products from Total Resources Int. at your local Costco, Wal-Mart, Target and most major stores.