These rules were put together by Chappy and are based on the 10's and 18's rules of wildland fire fighting.


The Standard Firefighting Orders were based in part on the successful "General Orders" used by the United States Armed Forces. The Standard Firefighting Orders are organized in a deliberate and sequential way to be implemented systematically and applied to all fire situations now Chappy has put together this set of rules for survival.

Standard Survival Orders

  1. Remain Alert, Keep Calm, Think Clearly, Act Decisively.

  2. If you are in a group, know what your group is doing at all times.

  3. Base all actions on current and expected weather behavior.

  4. Identify any hazards you come across. Point them out to your group.

  5. When possible scout out your route for possible danger.

  6. Keep in mind weather conditions and forecasts.

  7. Maintain clear communications with your group at all times.

  8. Give clear instructions to your group and insure they are understood.

  9. Maintain control of your group at all times.

  10. Fight to survive aggressively, having provided for safety first.


18 Survival Watch out Situations

  1. Situation not prepared for.

  2. In country not seen during daylight.

  3. Safe routes not clearly identified.

  4. Unfamiliar with weather and local factors influencing weather behavior.

  5. Uninformed on what other members of your group are doing.

  6. Instructions as to what the group is doing are not clear.

  7. No communication link with your group.

  8. Constructing fire without proper clearance of flammables around  and above it.

  9. Building shelter, walking, standing or sleeping below dead trees or trees with dead branches. (Widow Makers.)

  10. Attempting to traverse dangerous paths on downhill slopes.

  11. A Wildfire is burning with un-burned fuel between you and the main Wildfire.

  12. Poisons Plants.

  13. On a hillside where rolling material can fall on you.

  14. Weather is changing drastically.

  15. Wild animals, snakes or other poison carriers.

  16. Member of your group is feeling Ill.

  17. Terrain makes getting to safety difficult.

  18. Setting up camp in an unsafe location.